Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 and onward

As I sit at my desk around an hour in to my twelve hour back shift, staring at a pile of reports and research papers with my tall bottle of very stale, very warm water courtesy of my zero caffeine resolution for 2015. (Spoiler: this is brutal.) I slowly come to the conclusion that I have missed this little corner of the cyber world that I call my own and that I should get back to it.

So hello internet. It is good to see you again. It has been a while since I have sat down and put fingers to keyboard to add to this project. I am hoping to add more to this place in 2015. Lets do some good here internet.

I have had a ongoing list of things that have kept me away from the project, a summer trip to beautiful Newfoundland, my return to my home province to go back to my old job, It has been a very trying time but there is some good that comes out of the journey, I have been away from the project for far too long. I have not been active in martial arts any more, This has left me with lots of time to reflect but also has introduced negativity. I feel that the need for the controlled application of violence is necessary in my life as a conditioning tool.

According to my stats I get a decent pile of hits and readers, Please tell me what you want me to talk about, comment, share with your friends, offer feedback.