Sunday, November 18, 2012

Terrorism: DHS believes that food trucks may be a terrorist threat

We have met the enemy. And his name is fried food
Some times I wonder if DHS gets scared of its own shadow. a fairly impressive security intelligence website that I only just recently discovered posted a link to a DHS sponsored PowerPoint presentation provided by the Fire Department of the City of New York that discusses the unique safety issues that roach wagons (mobile food trucks) represent. Along with some moderately legitimate concerns such as many food trucks using propane and/or gasoline-powered generators to cook and some vehicles may not be properly licensed food vendors etc however those are matters of public health and or commerce. Not Terrorism which is what the powerpoint turns into. Little more then a wild speculation that food trucks represent one more way that terrorists will use to kill us all.

Now I am getting tired of the sort of fire for effect method that is being used for counter terrorism where the belief that if we simply treat anything and everything out there as a terrorism threat we will be prepared when one presents itself. It is disappointing that this is the best a government agency with a 60 billion dollar budget and a quarter of a million people in its employ can come

How should we handle this infestation of food vans which obviously is a clear threat to national security? shall the health inspectors start packing rifles and IIIA Body Armour? I mean I thought this guy would be enough  to take care of the roach wagons?

Jokes aside I do acknowledge that terrorism is a very serious threat and terrorists do come in all shapes and sizes but to develop that risk into a fear of thinking every ice cream truck on your street is an IED strike waiting to happen is absolutely insane. This game of looking at the world through a toilet paper roll called Counter Terrorism needs to be dealt with. This is more absurd then the British made Anti Terrorism commercials about people who pay with cash or working in their garage are possible terrorist threats.

All in all the USDHS Needs to focus. Not every single issue of our society is a terrorist threat and not everything in our society needs to be looked at from a position of national security, I understand that this is one of the purposes of the Department of Homeland Security however that does not make roach wagons into VBIED's


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