Monday, October 15, 2012

First Look: Lakonian Bladecraft LBC-2 Last Warning

I am kind of a knife guy. I almost always have a cutting tool on me and I just appreciate weapons of all forms. Despite my fascination with blades and knives I have never really been an SME on knives. I know only a little bit of basic knowledge on the most basic elements of sharpening and maintenance, I know almost nothing about steels and heat treatments and such. Blade angles mean only a little bit to me I just want to be a able to cut whatever needs cutting with ease and precision apart from that I don’t care if it is a 22 degree angle or a 20 degree angle. 

That doesn’t stop me from appreciating a good solid knife when I see one.

I have what I believe is a minimum set of required knives or blades that everyone should have. Think of it as the Greyman Four. The four minimum blades everyone should own and that is a hatchet or axe for gathering wood, a large fixed blade camp/fighting knife for a whole range of field work, a small pen knife like a swiss army knife or case knife for whittling and small tasks and then a middle range fixed or folding knife intended for everything in between. I have been looking for a wharncliffe knife for some time now to serve that middle range position, I was eyeing the wharncliffe folders made by Spyderco and Blackhawk but I am not a huge fan of Spyderco knives and I eventually came to the decision that I wanted a fixed blade.

I wanted a blade length of around 3 ½” or shorter and did not want too big of a knife but I wanted a full grip so as to allow a good solid purchase on the handle. I wanted a quality steel and kydex sheath so I could mount it to any kind of MOLLE platform if the need arose.

Eventually a friend of mine Kos Stathakis in Toronto Ontario decided to start making knives and low and behold did he feel he had made the perfect option for me. Enter the LBC-2 Last Warning.
The LBC-2 Last Warning is a 2 inch modified wharncliffe style blade made from 52100 steel with an overall length of 6 and a quarter inches and is almost .210 of an inch thick. The blade shape resembles many of the fighting style wharncliffe knives favoured by famed knife instructor Michael Janich and features a very mean point.

When it arrived to me in came in a padded thick parcel envelope that included the knife, kydex sheath and some parachute cord to make a necklace out of. The blade is intended for neck carry though I plan to run this in either pocket carry or belt carry. I do not at present live and work in an environment that requires speedy access to a knife so this will serve as one of my utility knives. I feel that in this role it will be an excellent fit and would also work well as a simple keep around the house utility knife. Kind of like a Stanley box cutter on steroids. And of course that nice point and edge would make it a great defensive weapon 

The knife is to be honest not the cheapest blade on the market though at the same time you have to remember this is not a mass produced knife out of a factory full of CNC machines this a hand made knife designed, tested and produced by a guy with a one man operation this is not some mass produced china made knife. This is a handmade tool built by a craftsman. Kos was kind enough to even engrave a little grey on the blade as a nod to our program here. ;)

No disrespect to mass production knives and not everybody is going to enjoy shelling out 150+ on a blade but if you are one of those guys who has a serious love for knives or a respect for craftsmen then this may be something to consider. The knife features gimping all across the handle which allows you to get a decent purchase on the grip and it gives it a cool little look. I recently added some skateboard griptape to the side to allow an even more solid purchase on the handle but its not necessary. The knife as was shipped to me did not come with scales however the included paracord can also be used for wrapping the handle. I opted out of thais as I have never been overly fond of cord wrap handles. I feel my little grip tape mod does do a good job as this is a thick knife so scales are almost not needed. I would not mind some nice G10 scales but at present my griptape works just fine.

While this is hardly a review I will say that so far I really like this knife. Stay tuned for more on the LBC-2 Last warning.

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