Friday, July 20, 2012

Petition in with the White House to make the Transportation Security Administration adjust their operational policies.

 The TSA is no stranger to the media and scandals. the US Federal Security Agency that is tasked with providing a security presence at US based airports as well as providing access control and pre-screening to aircraft has in the last few years adopted some rather controversial policies to include, the use of full body scanners, pat downs that in a lot of peoples eyes go beyond the scope of acceptable search policies.

Airport Security is typically more about the feeling of safety then the actual creation of a fully secured environment. That is in my professional opinion something that is not even possible. Airports are too large and have too many people moving through them to truly keep the location safe and secure. This is not to say we should not make the effort to protect our airports however in all my time frisking and patting people down without going IN their clothing I have never felt a lack of confidence in my ability to find something.

Well since July of 2011 people have stopped putting up with it. Numerous organizations have begun to call the TSA on their actions and a petition is up on the White House government website demanding a change to TSA operational procedures.

I am not an American Citizen though I do feel for the state of security and downright inappropriate actions
of key components of the various national level security services. I do not think these tactics are the answer to combating terrorism. I can see why the TSA went that way and introduced these in my opinion inappropriate levels of searching but that doesn't mean we have to stay there.

Security and Order can be both established and maintained while still treating people as people and not suspects. It takes a highly trained highly professional security practitioner with a strong work ethic however THAT is the change we should be seeing in this post 9/11 world improving the standards and quality of the individual security professionals.

If you are an American citizen and you oppose the current policies put out by the TSA then I urge you to sign the petition.

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