Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lakonian Bladecraft to be evaluated by Greyman Group

The Greyman Group is very excited to announce an upcoming evaluation of some pieces offered by Lakonian Bladecraft based out of Toronto Ontario. Kos at Lakonian is going to be sending us one of his flagship model knives the "Last Warning" a Wharncliffe style of blade. The Wharncliffe is one of my personal favourite blade patterns and one made very popular by famed knife instructor Michael Janich.

I think it will find a nice place in my 3 blade system for outdoors work and camping. Rather then rely on one blade to do it all (near impossible) I believe in a system of tools to take care of all of your camp chores.

The 3 blade system is as follow:
 One small pen blade or clasp folding knife for whittling and small utility tasks
 One medium to large sized fixed blade knife for skinning game and processing food.
 One hatchet or camp axe for chopping wood.

Having only seen it on paper I am thinking the Warning could find a place inbetween the small pen knife and the belt knife as a kind of camp utility knife for chores that a pocket knife cant handle.

Of course there is the martial aspect to the Wharncliffe blade as well the fine point with the straight edge can produce a very fine fighting knife. I personally love the straight edge of the Wharncliffe as a utility style knife but I also appreciate its value as a fighter. Michael Janich's philosophy is that no matter what part of the blade makes contact with the skin you are getting equal even pressure the entire time you slice through.

Kos at Lokanian is launching his line of knives sometime in the coming months for more infomation lookup Lakonian Bladecraft on Facebook.

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