Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lakonian Bladecraft to be evaluated by Greyman Group

The Greyman Group is very excited to announce an upcoming evaluation of some pieces offered by Lakonian Bladecraft based out of Toronto Ontario. Kos at Lakonian is going to be sending us one of his flagship model knives the "Last Warning" a Wharncliffe style of blade. The Wharncliffe is one of my personal favourite blade patterns and one made very popular by famed knife instructor Michael Janich.

I think it will find a nice place in my 3 blade system for outdoors work and camping. Rather then rely on one blade to do it all (near impossible) I believe in a system of tools to take care of all of your camp chores.

The 3 blade system is as follow:
 One small pen blade or clasp folding knife for whittling and small utility tasks
 One medium to large sized fixed blade knife for skinning game and processing food.
 One hatchet or camp axe for chopping wood.

Having only seen it on paper I am thinking the Warning could find a place inbetween the small pen knife and the belt knife as a kind of camp utility knife for chores that a pocket knife cant handle.

Of course there is the martial aspect to the Wharncliffe blade as well the fine point with the straight edge can produce a very fine fighting knife. I personally love the straight edge of the Wharncliffe as a utility style knife but I also appreciate its value as a fighter. Michael Janich's philosophy is that no matter what part of the blade makes contact with the skin you are getting equal even pressure the entire time you slice through.

Kos at Lokanian is launching his line of knives sometime in the coming months for more infomation lookup Lakonian Bladecraft on Facebook.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Personal Thoughts: Some people are not looking for logical

"some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."- Alfred Pennyworth

Like probably every single other person on the planet I woke up (or rather tuned into the news while on shift) to the tragic shooting that struck an Aurora, Colorado based movie theatre just the other day and took the lives of twelve souls while wounding nearly sixty.

When I first read this I immediately thought back to that quote from The Dark Knight and have more or less concluded that this individual basically wanted to be his own little ode to the Joker. Time will tell if I am right in this regard.

I am something of a student of conflict and violence. I study terrorist attacks, spree shooters, organized crime and serial killers. I spend my mornings, evenings and basically any time that I am in front of a computer (which is almost always) pouring over news reports and case studies of things like the 1998 Real Irish Republican Army car bomb attack of Omagh, Northern Ireland much in the same way people read the sports page and check how the play-offs are going.

In my chosen field one has to truly have an understanding for certain things and violent people is one of them. And what may surprise some people is that at the core there really is no mystery to them. In the countless number of profiles and case studies I have read most of these people do not "just snap" over some event. Some claim that of course when the case goes to trial but typically they do it simply because they want to.

Lets talk about a seventeen year old girl named Brenda Spicer for a moment. Miss Spicer a seventeen year old high school student woke up on the morning of January 29th 1979 opened her bed room window and took aim at a play ground at the elementary school across the street with her .22 rifle and started firing on the children killing two and wounding eight as well as injuring the school principal and a police officer who were rushing to help the children.When she was finally arrested she didn't fight, she didn't complain, she just said "I don't like Mondays; this livens up the day."

Some consider this to the be first true school shooting carried out by a youth in American history. 

some things that Miss Spicer later said while in custody include "I had no real reason for it, it was just a lot of fun." "It was like shooting ducks in a row. The children looked like a herd of cows."

Now some people would claim that is a spree shooting, That the girl just snapped and nobody could have seen it coming but in fact Brenda was quoted as saying even months before the shooting things such as "One of these mornings, you're gonna look for me", "No one understands me", "You don't have to wait very long to see what is going on with me" her family reported how she "Fantasized about being a sniper" a classmate reported weeks prior that she said she wanted to "blow a policemans head off"

Now on there own these individual pieces of data may hold very little value but when you combine them you can start to build a profile on this person and it starts to paint a rather dark picture of who this person was. Somewhere this individual, this Mr Holmes has left a trail of clues to his activities and they are just waiting to be pieced together.

While I was at work the other day I recieved a text message from a colleague wanting me to weigh in on this professionally. At the time I did not have enough data yet to truly comment but it had got me thinking. There are three kinds of people on this earth, those who commit evil, those who want to reason with evil, and those who will stand against it. When "Dark Knight" came out a few years ago I saw many people with pictures and t-shirts and various other items adorned with the face of Heath Ledger's "Joker" on it. Now while the performance (the actors final performance) was absolutely fantastic in my personal opinion we need to realize that evil is not to be embraced. It is something to be fought against tooth and nail and at all costs.

I am personally someone who hates the sheepdog persona or to be specific I hate the word as I feel the term has been devalued by youtube gun stars. Having said that though we must acknowledge that not everyone is a sheepdog by nature. However, if our culture continues to penalize those who are for the actions of the "wolves", then we will find that we will start to have fewer and fewer "sheepdogs" as time passes.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Petition in with the White House to make the Transportation Security Administration adjust their operational policies.

 The TSA is no stranger to the media and scandals. the US Federal Security Agency that is tasked with providing a security presence at US based airports as well as providing access control and pre-screening to aircraft has in the last few years adopted some rather controversial policies to include, the use of full body scanners, pat downs that in a lot of peoples eyes go beyond the scope of acceptable search policies.

Airport Security is typically more about the feeling of safety then the actual creation of a fully secured environment. That is in my professional opinion something that is not even possible. Airports are too large and have too many people moving through them to truly keep the location safe and secure. This is not to say we should not make the effort to protect our airports however in all my time frisking and patting people down without going IN their clothing I have never felt a lack of confidence in my ability to find something.

Well since July of 2011 people have stopped putting up with it. Numerous organizations have begun to call the TSA on their actions and a petition is up on the White House government website demanding a change to TSA operational procedures.

I am not an American Citizen though I do feel for the state of security and downright inappropriate actions
of key components of the various national level security services. I do not think these tactics are the answer to combating terrorism. I can see why the TSA went that way and introduced these in my opinion inappropriate levels of searching but that doesn't mean we have to stay there.

Security and Order can be both established and maintained while still treating people as people and not suspects. It takes a highly trained highly professional security practitioner with a strong work ethic however THAT is the change we should be seeing in this post 9/11 world improving the standards and quality of the individual security professionals.

If you are an American citizen and you oppose the current policies put out by the TSA then I urge you to sign the petition.

Monday, July 9, 2012

We are on Facebook now.

In the interest of getting to know our readers and expanding the Greyman Group we now have a page on facebook you can join.

The Greyman Group on Facebook

I am really hoping to see this project grow and hope to get to know our fanbase