Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meditations on violence - Effective force on force training

In my previous post on taking your ego out of fighting I mentioned about how the student needs to be driven to hit their failure point and learn to fight through it. This translates from empty hand fighting into weapon based and team based environments. For force on force training the key is stress inoculation. Some schools think the concept of being shot by a pain inflicting projectile is enough. Some schools want to push things to the extreme.

Enter the Urban Warfare Center in Salt Lake City Utah.
Picture an environment where at any moment the lights could go off save for dimly lit red light, smoke machines fill the room and lasers and strobe lights attack your vision of the battle space. Now get shot at from all directions and still have to stay on your feet and complete your objective.

Such is the way of the Urban Warfare Center founded by David Burnell. CEO of Opsgear a Utah based public safety supply store.

The philosophy is based around attacking the five physical senses in a fighting through environment. Pushing the operator to a level that is almost beyond conventional training.
Some of the training tools the UWC has been known to use include:
.68 Calibre paintball technology
Blue gun/Inert gun
Strobe lights
Simulated flash bang grenades
Smoke machines

All carried out by a cadre of instructors from various bacgrounds including the US Army special forces, rescue/recovery, Air Force Security Forces, Police SWAT, High Risk PSD and various other professional backgrounds

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