Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meditations on violence - Take your ego out of the equation

 Violence is a mental exercise. Be it an fight between two people or a major combat operation, gun, knife or empty hand It makes very little difference as at the core of all conflict is the mind. The response begins in your head and from there must flow into your hands and your feet. This response is strongly aided by micromanagement or rather the ability to respond in an immediate fashion to a presented stimulus because you have been conditioned to do so.

But to properly condition yourself is too step outside of ones comfort zone and be willing to face a high level of violence and aggression very frequently in a controlled environment. This is where most people who live a martial life be it by profession or hobby fall short.

Far too many practitioners of warrior skills stick to what they are most comfortable doing in order to maintain a positive self image. As a karate practitioner I had always stuck to stand up striking based fighting of all flavors and paid less attention to grappling and ground fighting as that is what I was not comfortable doing, It took me a long time to realize that I had allowed my own personal self image to take a priority over my combative ability.

Lying crumpled up on the dojo floor or failing a training mission is a confidence killer without a doubt and without a high level of confidence many people will not train. The problem in that way of thinking though is that by training to a lower level then what the fight will be you are being counter productive.

 As instructors you need to trigger that reaction of fight flight or freeze within your students. You have to make them hit that breaking point and then teach them to move through it. As students we have to relish hitting our failure point we have to take pride in every time we get knocked down, we have to treat every fight as a learning experience.

The question you have to ask yourself is to what extent are you willing and capable of saving your own or someone else's life? And are you going to let your sense of pride get in the way of that?

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