Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kenpo for war Tai chi for peace

Much like the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy Kenpo Karate and Tai Chi Chuan are two polar opposites they move in opposition  of each other while also building a harmony. Tai Chi movements are soft, smooth, slow like a flowing stream while Kenpo relies on lightening fast, hard explosive strikes, punches and kicks carrying with it the fury of a tsunami. These two martial arts styles are so different that no Tai Chi posture as practiced in that slow, smooth roll of the form can be applied to Kenpo; and like wise no Kenpo technique with its rough aggression can connect with Tai Chi.

Yet the Kenpo practitioner who practices Tai Chi can greatly benefit from it and vise versa for the Tai Chi practitioner.

Kenpo is of course a combative, but Kenpo training also develops your self confidence, coordination, stamina, and awareness. Kenpo is put plainly for war.

Tai Chi on the other hand is designed as an exercise for personal health and developing energy, endurance, inner strength, physical coordination, hand/eye coordination, balance and flexability, as well as exercising memory, improving the immune system, reducing stress, and teaches harmony, relaxation, clamness, and when done in groups, community. Tai Chi is, therefore, for peace.

The Yinyang is symbol in which its opposites are equal. One side is not larger then the other, one side cannot outweigh the other. Perfect balance and harmony must be maintained.


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