Thursday, February 23, 2012

Analysis: Bombing and heavy fighting in Shia populated areas of Baghdad 2/23/2012

Initial analysis indicates this to be a cultural attack with hostilities targeting Shia populated areas both in and outside of Baghdad.

Confirmed numbers are as follows:
  • nine civilians dead after two bomb blasts in Karrada district
  • two civilians dead after bombing in Baquba, north east of Baghdad
  • six civilians dead after a car bomb in Shia-dominated Kadhimiya, north of Baghdad
  • six killed by gunmen at a police checkpoint in the Sarafiya district of the capital
  • two dead and five injured in an explosion in the western al-Mansour district
  • two killed and ten injured in two explosions in Dorat Abo Sheer, southern Baghdad
  • two killed and nine wounded in an attack by gunmen using weapons with silencers, targeting a police patrol in Saidiya, southern Baghdad
  • seven injured, most of them policemen, in a blast in al-Madaen, south of Baghdad
  • five civilians injured in a bomb explosion in Taji, north of Baghdad
  • eighteen killed at the Iraqi national police academy  
  • eight civilians killed and fifty six injured in Salaheddin
  • seven civilians and 3 police officers killed by an explosive device in al Nil, north of Hilla  
  • one civilian child killed and 85 wounded by vehicle based explosive device in al Mussayeb
Total at present: 66 dead with 177 wounded

Kinetic action has also been detected in Mosul, Kirkuk and the province of Salahuddin though at present casualties have not been leaked to public source. Immediately after the withdraw of American forces the Iraqi government has released an arrest indictment accusing Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi of financing death squads and having some role in the string of violence that has hit Iraq since the withdraw of American Forces.

Mr Hashemi at present denies all charges, and is currently in Iraqi Kurdistan, under the protection of the regional government. He is the most senior Sunni politician in the Iraqi government at present.

If this is an attempt at cultural genocide roughly 60% of the Iraqi population are in danger. At present there is no clear indication as to how Iraqi Security Forces are planning to handle protecting such a large part of the countries population other then the issuing of an arrest warrant on the Vice President.

Detailed Analysis to follow.


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